Tips For Stopping Your Puppy Chewing

A new puppy is always a welcome addition to the family. Their cute antics have everyone in the family delighted. But this delight can quickly turn to frustration when after a few days they begin to chew on everything in sight, including valuable possessions. What is the best way to stop puppies doing this? It is a lot easier than it might seem at first sight, and by following the simple hints in this article, you will have your puppy behaving well and not chewing on anything they shouldn’t be in no time at all.

Teething is the main reason for chewing misbehaviour in young dogs. Just as children scream when they experience the pain of teeth coming up, puppies go through this too. It is a natural and obvious response from your puppy to chew on everything it can find as this will go a long way towards soothing the pain of the teeth. While perfectly reasonable for the dog, for you it is irritating and expensive.

If you want to stop your puppy chewing on the furniture, valuables, or even people, you will have to give them something else that it is acceptable to chew on – after all, it is only natural for dogs to chew on something. You can find special toys for this purpose in any toy shop – your dog will go wild for them. Your puppy will love these toys, but you should also do some extra training to ensure they stay away from valuables. The trick here is to associate fun with these toys.

Your puppy should receive a reward or treat when they play with these toys instead of chewing on things they shouldn’t. Conversely, you need to make your valuables seem less attractive. It can be relatively easy to do this. Cayenne pepper and tabasco are unpleasant tastes for dogs, so try putting a little dab of these on the furniture legs. It should not take long before the unpleasant connections build up in your puppy’s mind with chewing things it shouldn’t and its behavioural patterns will change completely.

It is not only the pain of teeth coming up that makes puppies chew. It can also be the result of boredom and loneliness, as well as pent up energy. It is impossible not to notice than puppies are busy creatures who like nothing more than running an exploring all day. With nothing else to do, stuck indoors or in a small garden for hours at a time, chewing on furnishings can be their only outlet. Dogs find chewing to be great fun and will happily entertain themselves in this way all day if they have nothing more worthwhile to do.

A happy and healthy dog that gets tired out with long walks or play time will be much less likely to feel they have to chew on everything to hand.

Steven is a dog training enthusiast. To learn more about the topic, check out how to stop puppy chewing or how to stop dogs chewing

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