The Rapid Development Of National Products Linxiazhou Halal Food Industry

In recent years, the implementation of Linxia state license to play the national development strategy, promoting the halal food and the rapid development of the national equipment industry. Initially formed a halal meat products, dairy products, beverages, agricultural products, candy, food, food as the main body of the halal food and ethnic clothing, daily necessities, handicrafts, medicine and other supplies as the main body of the national production patterns, the state’s halal food business operators households over more than 2300 households, ethnic articles for daily operations up to 1514 households in 2007, the completion of output (sales) 1.236 billion yuan, accounting for the state’s GDP, 19.8%, becoming Linxia economy’s pillar industries.

Halal food industry – halal beef and mutton processing scale. The state’s total beef and mutton slaughtering, processing enterprises, 36, the annual production of 36,000 tons of beef and mutton, the output value reached 720 million yuan. Dairy products, beverages processed in the ascendant. Statewide total of six dairy processing enterprises, the annual processing of 1948.2 tons of fresh milk, dairy production of 2365 tons, production value of 91.28 million yuan. There beverage processing 7, the output reached 1,500 tons. Halal candy industry developed rapidly. A total of 19 manufacturing enterprises, annual production of 10,000 tons, the output value 48 million yuan. Agricultural and sideline products processing with each passing day. A number of agricultural industrialization enterprises came into being, starch, noodles, salad oil, double the low health food oil, bean products, mountain vegetables, green beans, sauce and vinegar products in addition to meet local consumer demand, but also sold to domestic and international markets. Halal Food prosperity. Halal food business within the state of existing households in 2236, an annual turnover of 316 million yuan. Some households operate outside the state more than 2,000 households, employing nearly 2 million people, a turnover of more than 400 million yuan. “Togo手抓lamb” has become my food of a Muslim state resounding brand.

National equipment industry – Muslims in the production advantage of trading goods. To Linxia city as an example, there are 314 households in production and operations, products related to carpets, vacuum flask, thermos bottle, soup, bottles, buckets, No. cap, sand towels, clothing, handicrafts, prayer blankets and so on, the market radiation to the Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia , blue, new, Sichuan, Tibet and other places, and Saudi Arabia and other countries, annual turnover of 49.3 million yuan. To the National Road, only a limited liability company supplies national cap an annual sales of 3 million. Spring Grass garment factory production of “Spring Grass” brand up to more than 40 kinds of varieties of Muslim dress, the annual output value of nearly one million yuan. Tibetan goods production and sales base in embryonic form has been formed. Jing Xiaohu Linxia City currently processing more than 200 households. The main products are Tibetan tape jacket, boots, Valenki, tents, saddle with, Tibetan handicrafts such as carpet, the annual output value (turnover) 7000 million.

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