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The Rapid Development Of National Products Linxiazhou Halal Food Industry

In recent years, the implementation of Linxia state license to play the national development strategy, promoting the halal food and the rapid development of the national equipment industry. Initially formed a halal meat products, dairy products, beverages, agricultural products, candy, food, food as the main body of the halal food and ethnic clothing, daily necessities, … Continue reading

New Lotte Xylitol Sugar Free Chewing Gum Dental Health Halal Lime Mint

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Halal friendly travel locations

  Halal tourism is a new solution introduced in the travel industry for Muslim travellers who wish to abide by their traditions on holiday. Halal tourism is quickly becoming well-liked across the globe and there are numerous vacation destinations that are now catering to Muslims. Halal holidays contain accommodation in hotels that do not serve … Continue reading

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