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Peculiar Bubble Teeth Wrapper or Chewing Gum Wrapper – Deli Dolu, kent, Turkey, 94

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Rare Bubble Gum Wrapper / Chewing Gum Wrapper – Deli Dolu, kent, Turkey, 1994

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Chewing Your Food is Important For Weight Loss

Most researchers say that it takes about 20 minutes for our brains to realize that we are full. In accordance with this, most people who are trying to change their eating behavior are given advice to do the following – Put your utensils down in between bites, chew your food X amount of times, wait … Continue reading

Golden Retriever Training – The Chewing Question

Golden Retriever training would be incomplete without addressing the matter of chewing. Let’s start with the facts: all dogs chew. Golden Retrievers, as the name implies, are particularly adept at using their mouths — whether for retrieving, or for chewing on your favorite pair of shoes. Goldens need to chew, so you don’t want to … Continue reading

Rare Bubble Gum Wrappers / Chewing Gum Wrappers, Deli Dolu, Turkey, 1994, 2 pcs

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