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Teeth And Gum Care

Sixty years ago, lack of widespread dental care, poverty and a poor diet meant that many people expected to start losing their teeth in their twenties. Today, the number of middle-aged people who need false teeth has dropped from 32 per cent to 6 per cent over the past 25 years, while the days of … Continue reading

Bleeding Gums And Their Care

Bleeding gums is a serious problem. It indicates the beginning of the destructive process involving the supporting tissue around the tooth or some serious underlying systemic problems. Causes¬†: Plaque accumulation on teeth is the primary cause for poor gums. This plaque if not removed through regular brushing and dental appointments, will harden into what is … Continue reading

Enamel And Support gum Care

60 years of age years ago, anybody widespread dentistry, poverty even a poor balanced and healthy diet meant that a lot of people expected to begin losing their crooked smile in their twenties. Today, what amount of middle-aged those that need dentures has slipped from thirty-two per cent to six per cent in the last … Continue reading

My teeth And Bubble gum Care

62 years ago, scarcity of widespread oral care, poverty with a poor what you eat meant that some people¬†will expected to kick off point losing their unsightly teeth in their twenties. Today, the quantity of middle-aged men and women who need dentures has lost from 33 per cent to six per cent during the last … Continue reading


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