Six Things You Should Know About Kosher

Passing amid the hustle and bustle of main market streets, you may have come across the neon signs shouting “Kosher Food Served Here”, “New York Kosher bakery”, “A Kosher Kitchen”, and the like. Many of you must have guessed right that the term “Kosher” has got to do something with cooking. However, for those of you who are still wavering what specific meaning the term may have, we have a complete and detailed answer.

The term “Kosher” is attached to the food that is prepared strictly in accordance with Jewish dietary laws. Kashrut, as this law is named, comes from the Hebrew word for “proper” or “fit”. Any food adhering to the Jewish law or halacha can be termed as kosher food. On the other hand, food items, in general, labeled as “Jewish” may not necessarily be kosher. In other words, Cholent, Kugel, Kreplach, Latke, and Kishka that are typical, traditional Jewish dishes will not be kosher food if they are not prepared in accordance with Kashrut.

Prominent “Kosher” Parameters

· Cloven hoofed, cud-chewing mammals like deer, sheep and goats are kosher, while pig and rabbit are not.

· Only certain birds like chicken, duck, goose, and turkey are considered kosher in the United States.

· Seafood or fish must have fins and easily removable scales to be kosher.

· Fish and meat or milk and meat cannot be served together.

· Poultry and meat in order to be kosher must be slaughtered under “shechita”, strict Jewish guidelines by trained and qualified kosher animal slaughterers.

· Separate sets of utensils, pots, pans, and dishes that come in contact with food must be maintained in Kosher kitchens. These dishes must be dried on separate racks or using separate dishtowels.

For anything to be termed Kosher food, we need to follow many other rules besides the ones listed here. However, to make identification of Kosher foods easier for the consumer, the food package often bears a kashrut certification mark “K” on it. To select and order from our full range of “K certified” bakery products, visit our New York cheesecake segment., the Baker to the Stars, has so many kosher food items to offer, chocolate Babka cakes, blueberry swirl cakes, rainbow cookies, cherry swirl cheesecakes, and so on. For those who can’t tolerate sugar, Bruce’s Bakery now also offers sugar free desserts. New York cheesecake lovers like me will dauntlessly dare to continue patronizing their products.


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