Sea Power?? Seven

Sea power?? Seven-step achievement of “atypical pneumonia” category

? Health food + Beverage case of cross-border marketing mode

Note: “SARS” means atypical in the sense that such cross-border health food + drink SARS category.

Domestic beverage industry, increased competition, new lower and lower survival rate. 2008 Rookie of a beverage brand’s rise to the beverage industry has injected new vigor.

Gerui An is a marine bio-technology as the core of high-tech company, is once operational, “Nurse” and “Jianlibao” the well-known companies in Tin Heng Meeting wholly owned subsidiary of the Corporation and the People’s Liberation Army General Hospital, Military Medical Academy of Sciences joint research and development of marine aquaculture and the extraction of Spirulina by the national certification.

Although Ge Ruian high technology with high gold content, but its early market acceptance of new products is not high, the basic difficulty in marketing.

Meet resistance in the early new listing, the company’s decision-making in-depth summary and beverage planning to hire a professional to re-refine a set of effective methods of operation, I defer to these methods as new listing seven steps.

1. Foils Marketing is often the case, the more desperate push things, the lower the acceptance, particularly in high-end products more prominent, aggressive and passive mode of transmission both mental defense to break the ice of consumers on, he natural way to enter. Consumers are always willing to accept in mind the concept has been recognized associated information.

Spirulina products introduced over 20 years of domestic, have been brilliant, but also experienced a crisis of confidence, but is now gradually stabilized at a certain amount on the. Distribution channels are also relatively stable, and taking more regular crowd, mainly in tablet dosage forms mainly very small part of the granules. Gerui An is one of the technical core is able to Spirulina broken, thus extracting Spirulina phycocyanin.

Spirulina Sea Power Drinks From the beginning with the traditional form of Spirulina difference, but encountered problems of consumer education. Although the liquid dosage forms with high technical content, but how to target consumers? The surface this seems to be a communication problem, the traditional play is massive Advertisement Bomb!

Sea power, after adjustment, to take the first preheat of the play to market.

Before launch to reveal the secret to create a market atmosphere in the form, first with “major technology project leakage” and other theme-based public relations and publicity for the initial public awareness, create a listing of pre-market atmosphere, and very selected representatives in Shandong of Zibo and Qingdao, as a market. Early public relations propaganda did not mention the brand, but in the promotion of “spirulina extract” in new technologies and the benefits of the human body.

Warm during the nearly two months after the company conducted a survey at the end channels have been found in some consumers began looking for “Liquid Spirulina” products. It seems the basic level of attainment of age.

2. Moving steadily Seeds in the seed to the ground, the need for proper watering, fertilization and control the proper temperature, it can germinate, grow, and not because you have more fertilizer, more water it long fast; the contrary, It will also affect the growth. Growth of the brand, too, in a number of factors holding immature tall before, but to accelerate the brand information from the consumer mind.

In fact, before the beginning of the public relations propaganda, “Sea power” has crept into the main terminal two pilot markets in the terminal layout also spent a lot of effort in the two cities after a thorough study , select the very nature of consumption-led regional and access.

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