Problems With Gums

Every community has its share of problems. Even for an economically stable city such as Atlanta, Georgia, there would always be something to threaten its constituents. Dental disease is one common menace waiting to invade a harmonious environment. One of the worst dental issues existing in the area of dentistry is gingivitis.

Most people ignore this problem while its still minor and harmless. However, once it progresses into its more advanced stage, uncomfortable effects may start to crop up. Gingivitis is a condition wherein ones gingiva or gums are infected with bacteria. Its symptoms include halitosis, bleeding, swelling, and gingival recession.

Most of this dental defects cases dont actually cause pain symptoms. In fact, even when it develops into the more serious periodontitis, people who suffer it still wouldnt encounter any pain. Its the other negative effects of gingivitis that really alarm its victims. Avoiding social interactions and other people because of bad breath is the least of the difficulties one would have to worry about when this ailment strikes.

Atlanta dentistry claims that there is always the possibility of a gingivitis case developing into full-blown periodontitis, especially if inappropriate dental hygiene is persistently practiced. Peridontitis is an advanced form of gingivitis. It can cause more negative symptoms with more destructive effects. If left untreated, this particular problem can even cause teeth to fall out. Immediate consultation with a dentist is recommended for people who have the disease.

According to Atlanta dentists, gums are not the only things damaged when this illness occurs. Even the bones surrounding ones teeth are weakened, causing the teeth to wobble and become unstable. Prophylaxis or preventive dentistry is the basic remedy for this. Dentists should educate their patients regarding proper dental management in order to stop and avoid conditions from worsening.

Gingivectomy is a procedure known in the field of Atlanta dentistry. It involves treating damaged gums by removing loosened and infected tissue. This helps cure gingivitis and periodontitis. It can also patch up the empty pockets between teeth formed during a previous bout of periodontitis in order to prevent the disease from relapsing.

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