Perfect Prescription Tooth Soap™ Offers Healthy plus Clean Alternative to the Same Old Paste – A New Meaning for ‘Washing The Mouth Out With Soap’

CHEYENNE, WY (PRWEB) June 22, 2005

Credit the individual whom initially washed their child’s mouth out with soap because the initially dental pioneer. Nowadays, according to a growing quantity of dentists, brushing a teeth with soap is a much healthier alternative to brushing with toothpaste.

Vitality Products, Inc. of Cheyenne, Wyoming, distributors of the initial soap prepared particularly for tooth brushing – Perfect Prescription Toothsoap – provides a product which is made to boost dental hygiene.

“It has been proven over plus over which when the act of brushing is wise for teeth, the conventional pastes you employ are full of elements which never belong about the teeth or gums,” mentioned Karen Van Cleef, founder of Vitality Products, Inc. as well as the innovator behind Perfect Prescription Tooth Soap. “Toothpastes are prepared predominantly with glycerin, a wet substance which completely coats the teeth. This coating prevents teeth from being capable to benefit from vitamins inside the diet. Toothpaste furthermore contains additional elements which never belong inside the mouth plus which is why you see caution labels found on the tube.”

Made from saponified coconut, palm, plus additional virgin olive oil plus pure important oil, Perfect Prescription Tooth Soap™ is an natural tooth plus gum cleansing soap which is non-toxic plus not tested about animals. It comes inside 3 tastes – Spearmint, Peppermint plus Cinnamon – inside 2 designs – soap shreds or fluid – plus is licensed Kosher.

Cleaning teeth completely with all-natural soap is element of the 3 step system to create a teeth plus gums healthy, that equally involves right vitamins as well as the appropriate diet. Says Van Cleef, “These 3 procedures are important to safeguarding teeth from decay. And the bonus is the fact that the easy 3 step program equally encourages overall advantageous wellness for the body.“

About Vitality Products/Karen Van Cleef

Cheyenne, WY based Vitality Products, Inc. serves because the distributor of Perfect Prescription Tooth Soap. Founded inside 2003 by editor Karen Van Cleef, Perfect Prescription Tooth Soap is an natural flavored soap particularly produced for brushing the teeth plus gums. Unlike conventional toothpastes, it contains no glucose, glycerin or fluoride plus rinses away immediately exiting the teeth plus gums completely cleansed. Perfect Prescription Tooth Soap is accessible through the Internet at

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