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To more precisely understand the nut product consumption, competition and potential market opportunities, so that manufacturers can do nuts in consumer demand for brand communication and product marketing, brand and minimize nut products in the market Marketing Risk, improve product sales fast, steady and strong brand name and bigger market size, precise planning in the recent Beijing Beijing did a special nut products, in-depth consumer market research.

Precise planning of the research questionnaires market research department conducted a professional design, and interviewed consumers in the gender, age and income and so do a scientific quota. The research used internationally accepted CLT (CentralLocationTest), which focused on targeted market research methods, nut products, consumers were interviewed 303 people, including men and 48.3%, female 51.7%.

According to statistical theory, this research more than 96% confidence level, fully consistent with the accuracy of market research. The following is the consumer demand of this market research nut products some of the main conclusions:

Nut brand is no more than 5% of memory
Survey, 95.7% of consumers remember the brand nuts, nut products can remember only the category. Consumers in Beijing, the nuts can remember only two of the brand, the orchard farmer ranked first, accounting for 3.6% rate of the consumer survey; followed by the Vanguard Lee, able to remember the brand’s consumers only 0.7 %. Orchard farmer with distinctive products Package Than all of the nuts, dried fruit product category, good product quality and outstanding display of sale terminals and other advantages, in nuts, dried fruit market and brand awareness have been rapidly improved.

Nuts for the whole market, on the one hand is the brand nut consumers have a potential demand; the other hand, nuts market is still very early state of market competition, especially pistachios, large Almond , Cashew nuts and hazel nuts yet these four well-known national brand, not even a strong regional brand, can be said that this type of nut products market is also huge business opportunities.

Consumers like to eat the nuts of the main reasons
Through the analysis of survey data shows that consumers like to eat nut products, mainly because first delicious nut products, accounting for 52.5% ratio of consumer choice; followed like 17.6%; as dried fruit products crispy The proportion of consumers prefer to eat ranked third, accounting for 11.9%; down 5.4% followed by nutrition; health accounted for 4.7%; convenient 1.4%; other reasons combined was 6.4%. Delicious, that is, consumers like and like to eat crunchy pistachio three main reasons.

Good nut products are the core conditions
Consumers feel good nuts the first condition requires that tastes good, accounting for 33.5% ratio of consumer choice; followed by the product to health, accounting for 31.5%; products fresh and ranked third, accounting for consumers ratio of 12.2%; prices accounted for 10.05% right. Down 4.3% followed by the brand, packaging, accounting for 3.95%, the product color accounted for 1.85%, producing 1.7%, 1.0% Appearance. Shows that consumers feel good nut products need to have the four core conditions is good taste, health products, fresh and affordable.

Nuts which products can meet consumer demand

Analysis from the above chart is easy to see, eat nuts consumer products can meet the needs of first pass time, accounting for 20.9% ratio of consumer choice; closely followed by good taste 20.6%; nutrition and leisure were In third place and fourth place, 11.5% and 11.1%; like, 9.5%; healthy 6.8%; when consumers snacks 6.4%; yangkeng consumers was 5.7%; to meet other needs Total consumer rate of 7.4%.

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