Now Chewing Gum Removal Made Easy

Many people today have been careless in preserving the beauty of the environment. This is particularly evident from the wads of chewing gum that can be seen in all kinds of places ranging from schools, religious institutions, government establishments, hospitals, and malls to parks, playgrounds, fields, and more.

A single wad of chewing gum can ruin the appeal of an otherwise unblemished hard surface. In a commercial setting, if blotches of chewing gum are left in plain sight, it can easily turn away customers. Until recently, there was no reliable equipment for gum removing. But now, there are advanced cleaning machines that are specially equipped for gum removal.

Removing Gum with the Power of Steam
Steam cleaners offer unmatched performance when it comes to cleaning tough dirt, grease, and grime from virtually all kinds of surfaces. These machines utilize the power of high-temperature steam to simultaneously dissolve these substances more readily for their speedy removal. Specialized machines with anti-bacterial technology can even disinfect surfaces. But do you know that certain vapour steam cleaners also function as gum removing equipment?

It’s true – steam cleaning machines that utilize super-heated steam with special gum removal tools and solutions make the process of gum removal faster and easier compared to the gum removing capabilities of cleaners that use steam alone. In fact, the steam generated by these steam cleaning machines is so powerful that it can easily dissolve hardened bubble gum in a matter of few seconds. You can effectively remove hundreds of wads of gum per hour.

In addition, if your chewing gum removal machine features the vacuum extraction technology, it greatly enhances the cleaning process and helps remove all traces of gum by simultaneously extracting gum residues. However, remember that this vacuum extraction feature is available only in steam cleaning machines from reputed suppliers.

Advanced Technologies
Steam cleaning machines with chewing gum removal functionalities can attain temperatures of about 330ºF and pressure levels of about 120 PSI for aggressive gum extraction power. Quality versions of chewing gum removal equipment from top distributors often feature exclusive technologies like removable heating rods and boilers that self clean. These cleaning machines may also feature a continuous filling technology that allows you to use the steam cleaners continuously for extended periods of time.

Other than bubble gum removal applications, steam cleaning machines are also great for a range of other cleaning jobs like tile and grout cleaning, vinyl and linoleum floor cleaning, bathroom cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting (for machines with anti-bacterial technology), and odor removal.

Best of all, these chewing gum removal machines are great for removing not just the recently deposited gum blotches, but also wads of gum that have been stuck to surfaces for over 20 years! For accomplishing this difficult cleaning task, these chewing gum removal machines often include components like stainless steel brushes, gum-cleaning solution and specialized gum-removing tool.

The next time you see a nasty wad of gum on your floor; forget about how long it has been there. Simply and quickly dissolve and extract all gum residues with quality chewing gum removal machines.

Daimer’s latest vapor steam cleaners and steam pressure washers are truly effective for gum removal. Many janitors as well as professional cleaning services contractors are using Daimer’s steam cleaner & pressure washer to clean gum from carpet, tile & grout.

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