Nortel Certification Means A World Class Certification

In wireless communication, Nortel is known as one of the best as well as widely accepted service provider that offers its world class certification to the professionals. Nortel certification makes you satisfied because the Nortel’s service is being used by all major companies from government sector to private sector. The world class connection will be enhanced by the high end communication service from Nortel with providing high class service. Nortel have determined to start its certification programs and successful certified candidates will become Nortel certified professionals since all major companies is using it. With Nortel certification, those certified professionals will have more opportunities and be given preference by telecom industries. Nortel certification will be the best choice to those professionals’ success in telecom industry.


Passing the Nortel certification exams will be very easy for the candidates if they get adequate training and attend practice tests for the same. There are several training resources available to the professionals for preparing qualifying examinations. Nortel offers its certification course package where complete details/ objective about all qualifying examinations are available. Professionals can use this certification course package for preparing different certifications.


Candidates can register for Nortel certifications in any of the prometric centers or in prometric website in online. Online registration requires prometric ID and the registration process gets over after successful payment of the exam fee. The Nortel certification examination fee starts at 140$ and the exam fee is subject to change based on the exam type as well as country’s exchange rate. All examination does not include any discounts or vouchers or taxes applicable and local taxes may be applicable but it differs from each country. Candidates are allowed to take this examination only in the authorized testing centers and no materials like notebooks, books, mobile phone etc are allowed inside the exam hall. There is a minimum score that has to be scored by the candidates in order to pass in this Nortel certification exams. After successful completion of examination, candidates will receive their certification. Candidates who have failed in any of the exam can re-schedule again in the website online or in the testing centers.


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