List Of Doggies Nuts Seeds

If youre a smoker or a grower who enjoys seeds that are unique and exotic, look to Doggies Nuts for some of the best seed selections in the world. The many different plant seeds on offer by the company, guarantees a smoking experience thats quite unparalleled by any other brand of cannabis seeds. Heres more.
Doggies Nuts seeds are generally more expensive than others available in the market. Given the fact that they have been selected by experts with decades of experience in the field, the seeds are of super high quality and are well worth the price. These seeds are typically grown in the countries of Holland and Switzerland and are designed to inherit specific features of its parent plants. Needless to say, they are very exclusive and when grown properly, they can be a dream come true for true connoisseurs of cannabis and marijuana.
One of the most popular of the seeds on offer is the Doggies Nuts White Widow. It is one of the most potent strains in the world today and is also renowned for its medicinal properties as well. Used by both famous as well as infamous people from the world over, the seed has won many awards including the first place prize at the 8th Cannabis Cup.
The Abyss Feminized is also a popular offering from Doggies Nuts and is derived primarily from authentic Indica strains from India. The plants that grow out of these seeds are short and bushy, with big resinous buds that are ideal for making hash. It has a distinctly spicy fragrance. A smoking session with this one guarantees a long lasting affect thats highly pleasurable
The Doggies Nuts Blueberry is another old favorite, thats widely sought after for its aroma, flavor and the ability to make you crave for more. The new Blueberry has been crossed several times to produce the most stable strain yet. The resin crystals of this plant, begins to form at about three weeks into the flowering phase and yields some of the finest tasting hash ever.
Also much in demand is the Doggies Nuts Big Bud Feminized seeds. This is known for its ability to produce super sized buds. Tried and tested for potency, the plant is characterized by a brutishly sweet smell. This medium sized indica hybrid is perfect for the commercial grower. However, support must be provided for the buds at 4 weeks of flowering to prevent snappages under weight.
The Doggies Nuts Bubblegum seeds are in fact, derived from the original bubblegum. These grapefruit flavored beauties are short in stature with wide leaves. This one is a big hit with the ladies.
The Kabbalah seeds on offer from Doggies Nuts are known for their superb performance. They have a massive yield and super flavors with medium odor levels. This medicinal variety may also be used for commercial growth purposes. It provides smokers with a clean and uplifting high that can also help numb any pain.
Choose any of these above seed selections to experience new heights of cannabis smoking.

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