Ingredients of a Successful Interview

Job interviews are a very stressful part of life; it is extremely challenging to answer appropriately on the spot without any preparation and yet it may seem almost impossible to properly prepare for an interview. It might be a little stressful and even scary but with these preparation and interview tips, you will do much better, increasing your chances of getting the job you love and maybe even finding a lasting career.

Before interview

Tip 1: Plan Ahead. Really get to know the company you wish to work for. This will allow you some valuable insight into what kind of questions may be asked. (If you wish to work at a job that requires teamwork, you can expect questions will be brought up regarding past teamwork experiences). Be ready to bring up past examples of jobs that you have worked that show necessary skills for the job you are applying for.

Tip 2: Role Play. Once you finished studying, pretend you are in the room with the interviewer and describe your past experiences and achievements. Try to make it clear and straight-forward. Be sure not to get off topic or ramble on. Also make sure you don’t repeat what you have already said.

During interview

Tip 1: Maintain Eye Contact. Don’t stare but make sure you don’t seem intimidated by the interview. This does not mean to act arrogant in any way, rather, confident. Employers will be more likely to hire someone they deem to be confident and ready for the job.

Tip 2: Stay Positive. Smile; show that you are very excited to have an opportunity to work for their company. Don’t comment on any negative employers you’ve had in the past. Keep the interview positive.

Tip 3: Encourage/Adapt. Encourage the interviewer to share some information on the company. When shared, demonstrate your interest on the possibility of a job there. Once you know a little more about the company, you might have to change your answers to the qualities a job at the company might require.

Tip 4: Be Natural. Don’t seem like you’re reading off a script when answering the questions. Make your answers seem spontaneous. You might have to add a few “umm’s” and “ohh’s” to make it seem more natural. Change your tone of a voice when warranted. Make sure you don’t keep a flat, droning tone.

These tips are merely guidelines, they are not written in stone but hopefully after reading them you have gained a new insight into how to approach an unknown interview.

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