How To Stop Your Dog Chewing The Furniture

It is an occupational hazard of being a dog owner that your dog will at some point chew something you don’t want it to. This is only natural for dogs, who will chew on anything for any number of reasons, particularly dogs that have been bred for hunting, such as retrievers or terriers. It becomes a problem when it is consistent and damaging, in particular with furniture chewed to bits. At this point, you need to take serious measures to stop your dog chewing the furniture. With this article to guide you, you should have no problems.

There are a few basic steps you can take when you start out to address the problem of dogs chewing on furniture. The most obvious solution is keeping your dog away from anything they might chew on that you don’t want them to. If this is practical for you, great. But it may not be ideal for everyone – your dog still needs space for themselves. Another solution is to erect a high fence around the entire length of your garden, with its own measures to prevent digging underneath it, and then keeping your dog outside permanently. This may be something of an overreaction to some chewing on your furniture – and a fairly expensive one it might be at that.

Much easier is to try and address the behavioural issues. Chair legs are not too tasty, so your dog should be easily convinced to not chew on them. There are many sprays available for your furniture which gives it an unpleasant taste, making it far less attractive from your dog’s point of view. On top of this, you should give your dog plenty of toys to chew on. Buying your dog a cheap chew toy at the pet store is a simple but really effective way to stop them chewing on your valuable furniture.

If you do see your dog chewing on furniture even after this, you should give them a firm reprimand. It can be as easy as a loud or high noise to shock them and send them running.

Above all, you need to tackle why exactly your dog is chewing the furniture. Often, it is loneliness and isolation that causes this kind of behaviour, as well as frustration at not being able to get out and play. Basically, dogs chew for fun when they have nothing else to do and no people or other dogs around to entertain themselves. A dog requires more exercise than you might expect every day in order to use up all the energy that they take in in a day. Professional dog walkers are available in every major city, who will be happy to make sure your dog gets a walk every day while you are at work.

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