How Do You Make Rock Candy

According to a research, fourteen out of any ten individuals like candies, which clearly show that candies are surely a temptation for majority. Rock candy is one of the candies that are liked by all. It is basically a confectionary or candy that is made up of large sugar crystals. The best part about these candies is that they can be even made at home and are commonly made on the occasions such as birthdays and chrisams. If you are an expert in making rock candy, there would be a lot of people with the question that how do you make rock candy at home.

The answer for this question is quite simple and that is that they can be made easily at home with the help of some basic materials in just a week. Some of the major materials required for the method of making rock candy are;

clean cotton string,
popsicle sticks, skewers or wooden pencils
measuring cups
glass jars for candy storage
metal saucepan
wooden spoon for stirring
candy thermometer

Apart from the material other ingredients required for making the rock candy are;

granulated sugar 2 cups
flavor for candy
liquid food color

After you have assembled the material and ingredients next you would surely want to know that the way to make rock candy with all this material and ingredients. The easiest and the simplest method is briefly explained. Wash all the material well and then boil the water along with the addition of sugar in it. Heat and stir it continuously. After removing the pan from heat add food color and flavor if you want and let the mixture be poured into the candy jar with the string inside it.

Those who are interested to know the creative making of rock candy then you can make the candies of different shapes, sizes and colors and moreover if you want the candies to be in lollies shape you can use the Popsicle stick instead of the string. Whereas there are some people who look for an easy way out and want to know the recipe of cock candy with the help of microwave, instead of relying on the long procedure. For microwave method, a large microwave safe bowl is used wrapped with a plastic. Add sugar and corn syrup in it and microwave it for 3 minutes at least. Then remove the plastic wrap and repeat the procedure again for 3 minutes. Then remove the bowl and add flavor and color. Then pour the mixture into the pan and just heat it for few minutes and then let it cool down and harden. So, making the rock candy at home is quite simple, depends on you that how you want to make them simply, creatively, or with the help of microwave.

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