Better Gums Through Gum Care

Visiting a cosmetic dentist Houston TX is worthless if the gums are not properly cared for. It is not enough to simply have whiter, more even teeth. To have a better smile, the gums have to be equally good. In fact, one of the top health issues that people face is gum disease. There are many other problems that are linked with it. One of the most common is that it can lead to tooth loss.
There are several ways to make sure that gums are in shape. Before anything, it is important to recognize that keeping the gums healthy is a personal decision and responsibility. The dental team can only do so much. Ultimately, the person has to be in charge of the daily maintenance of the teeth and gums. Consult with the dentist to find out about what can be done in order to improve the health of the gums. The dentist can recommend products and cleaning techniques that can be followed.
If the gums exhibit problems, lessen the amount of time between dental appointments. Usually, visits are done twice a year. However, there are some individuals who would benefit from getting cleanings every three to four months. Inspect the gums regularly to make sure that there are no problems. To do this, pull the lips to reveal the gums. Signs to watch out for are swollen and tender gums. There may even be some bleeding and the teeth might feel a bit loose. If any of these signs show up, it could be a sign of gum disease.
A visit to the dentist should be the next stop if gum disease is suspected. Gum disease is not always curable. However, it can be controlled with the proper maintenance. Treatment usually involves intensive cleaning to keep the infection at bay. Antibiotics may be prescribed to be taken orally or administered directly into the gums. In severe cases, surgery might be required to get rid of debris that accumulated and reshape the tissue for easier cleaning. All treatments for gum disease have the goal of stopping the bleeding, getting rid of the bacteria, and shrinking any gum pockets that have developed.

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