Acai Burn Review – New Weight Loss Supplement For Men – Is it Kosher?

It’s true, everyday a new acai supplement seems to be released onto the market and most of these come in the form of free trials.

Acai Burn’s weight loss for men is one such product but does it deliver what it brazenly advertises:

Feel healthy and vibrant.
Lose unwanted weight.
Boosts energy levels.
Clinically proven ingredients.

With high profile testimonials from celebrity dietitian Mr Perricone and various other celebrities including Brad Pitt who used Acai and a workout regime to drop 20 pounds in two months for his recent movie “Burn after Reading” – it’s obvious that such marketing has many men interested in this weight loss formula.

With certain acai products USDA Organic certified which are intended to assure customers that they are produced, processed and consistent with national organic standards you should be safe in knowing that your acai product is “kosher” and not spray dried butchered acai powder that is about 75-95% dried corn starch. Therefore acai burn claims to posses extremely high ORAC proportions per capsule as this is extremely important as any watered down product is simply useless.

How acai burn claims to work is not through a miracle cure though, but is designed for men who both do moderate exercise or work out in combination with an Acai based supplement which they stress will boost energy, reduce inflammatory disorders, lower blood sugar and insulin levels while assisting in providing to be a natural appetite suppressant and offer fat burning qualities.

These are all relatively bold claims, but if concentrations are true, then dietitians state that these benefits are more than achievable – if – moderate exercise and a wise diet is practiced.

Many individuals just look for the quick fix and time and time again manufactures stress that this is simply unachievable and those that don’t are not being realistic with the consumer. Acai Burn does indeed make this point on their website whilst listing many of the fabrications which acai products purport to offer.

Whilst the marketing hype seems a little ahead of the science it’s clear that acai products may benefit men as a natural supplement if used in combination with working out and a healthy fibrous diet that could well help achieve weight loss and a natural increase in your energy supplies.

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